Rajasthan – Day 1

First, I asked for leave of two weeks: 12th-16th December & 26th-30th, then convinced my leads to take leave on the week in between 19th-23rd. Thankfully, it was approved and I decided to book a one-way ticket to Udaipur.

After doing a bit of research, I figured I should go to Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Pushkar and Jaipur. The only thing I had thoroughly thought about was that I would head to my aunt’s place in Delhi the moment I have 2000 rupees in my account.

After my stay in Zostel Varanasi, I thought I should check Zostel Udaipur out as well. I was unsure of the duration of my stay in Udaipur, so I booked it for two nights to start with.

I left for the airport at around 2pm on a Friday afternoon, and got to know that my flight was delayed and I’d miss the sunset at Udaipur. But I’m not one to lose spirit and I was still looking forward to the start of my journey. I woke up just before the flight landed (it was a terrible landing) to hear a white group talk about how bad the landing was and correlated it to “Incredible India”. After choosing to ignore what they said, I got my backpack and decided to head outside. While walking towards the end, I figured that I had no idea how far this was from my hostel. Turns out it was about 30kms away. Welcome to Udaipur, Mayank.

There was a taxi stall inside the airport terminal, but I wanted to go outside and try to somehow get on a ride. After walking outside, I realized that it was the middle of a highway and had only high-speed incoming traffic.


I was looking forward to stop a truck and make it an adventurous first night, but I saw a public transport bus heading towards Udaipur. I stopped the bus and told them where I wanted to go. It was a completely empty bus that was heading to the outskirts of Udaipur and they told me they’d drop me at Delhi Gate. After checking, I found out that this was about two and a half kms from the hostel. I was charged 10 rupees for this journey, wohoo!


After getting out of the bus, I started walking with my backpack and my daypack around me. I was starving and decided to eat something. Saw a Pani Poori place and stopped there to have what turned out to be excellent pani poori. Passing through the tiny lanes, I finally reached Zostel.

I was shown my bunk, and I decided to take a shower and plan my day on the basis of the activities listed as “things one can do in Udaipur”. Udaipur was freezing, and I was welcomed with some warm water (LOVED IT). After getting ready, I went up to the restaurant and met this guy who was also travelling solo. We had a beer, spoke about ourselves, ordered some food, planned what time we wanted to wake up and then headed to bed.



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