Rajasthan – Day 2

I had put an alarm the night before to wake up and start the day early. I woke up at around 730-8am and the first thing I did was go up to the restaurant at the terrace and have a look at the view it had to offer.


I then left for the City Palace with Karan, the guy I had met upstairs in Zostel the previous day. Right after we left, we decided to eat something because I was super hungry. After some amazing Aaloo Paratha for only 40 bucks, we proceeded towards the City Palace. On our way was the Jagdish Mandir, of which I took a quick round because I wanted to reach the City Palace before the crowd started coming in. We were at the ticket counter and we saw that this palace was pretty expensive. If I remember correctly, it was 250 bucks each for the entry ticket, guide and the permission to take photographs.


The City Palace was beautiful, but in hindsight, it wasn’t thaaaat beautiful. Learnt a bit about Udaipur’s history, but what stuck was that these guys didn’t give in to Mughal pressure. On our way back, we got views of the Jag Mandir and the Taj Lake Palace, pretty cool!


We then decided to walk back to our hostels since Karan decided to leave for Jaipur. I rested for a bit and then decided to walk down to the most famous garden – Sahelion ki bari. It was a long walk, took me about an hour to get there. Roamed around the place, but I’m not too fond of parks, so it was meh.


Decided to take an auto back only to feel like heading to Hussainsagar lake and then the monsoon palace. I reached the monsoon palace at 5, in time for sunset, but I forgot to buy a pass for the jeep that goes up to the top. Due to this, I just made it in time for sunset – I wouldn’t have seen it if I was 2 minutes late.

Upon reaching, I was chased by a bunch of langoors who wanted the biscuit that I was carrying. I threw it towards then and ran up to the place where I could observe a peaceful sunset – absolutely beautiful.

udaipur-day2-4Following the sunset, I decided to explore the monsoon palace only to find out that it had many other views to offer. At this one point, I started speaking to these Canadian guys and talking about things they could do around the country. The conversation went on for a while, and it turned out that they had bikes (I get a ride back, YAY!). They dropped me off close to the hostel and I started walking towards the hostel.

As I continued walking, I bumped into Palak Jasotia, this girl from work. We were both extremely shocked to see each other, only to find out that she was also staying in the same hostel as I! She was with two other girls, and I decided to tag along with them. We headed to Bagore ki Haveli for a 7pm show only to find out that we were extremely late and were refused entry.

After this little incident, I was waiting at the ghats along with these three and then we headed to Jagdish Mandir. The experience at Jagdish Mandir was surreal, there was this one Rajasthani female who had her face covered with the sari she was wearing. She was in front of the entire crowd singing bhajans while she danced to the music. It was like an emotional dance which felt like it was conveying a message.


We decided to have some dinner since I had barely had anything since the Aaloo Paratha for breakfast. We left for Hussainsagar Lake where they had this amazing set up for dinner in the evening. Had some amazing Pav Bhaji and Chole Poori along with Veg Noodles, it was fantastic!

I then decided to call it a day since I wanted to head to Kumbalgarh the next morning.


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